12 Things To Do To Get Your Wife To Smile Today

Hey people.
It’s the season of love and sharing. You should be in your wife’s arms, whispering into her ears how much of a blessing she is to you.
Forget about the hot ‘chic’ at your office, there’s only turmoil down that road. Be with your wife. I have compiled this list of romantic things you can do today. Enjoy.
1. Give her breakfast in bed, and as she eats, just watch her. Dote over her.
2. Run your fingers through her hair when she is done, and after you have taken the dishes to the kitchen. Run it through her hair, then kiss her. Not her lips, stupid, her forehead.
3. Do the dishes.
4. Get back and draw up a warm bath for her.
5. Get in the tub with her, massage her shoulders and wash her body for her.
6. Tell her, there, as both of you are all lathered up, that you love her. She is your sole purpose of existence. Whisper it in her ears. Do lovingly sir, don’t growl.
7. Tell her to dress up, dress up nicely yourself, then go somewhere nice.
8. If you have kids, bring them along.
9. Play with your kids while she watches.
10. Don’t neglect her, play with her to remind her of the funny, playful boy she married. Even if it’s just today.
11. On the drive back home, take her hands in yours and squeeze lightly, tell her she’s the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you. Tell her you’re lucky to have her.
12. When you get home, get her undressed, but it is preferable that no shagging ensues, just cuddle sir.
Your sole purpose should be getting her to smile. If she likes gifts don’t forget to give her one today. You should always try to make your wife feel like she’s living a fairy tale. She is your legacy, treat her with love, affection, and respect.
I hope you have a beautiful day.
Merry Christmas.

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